Journal of Crystal Growth に 6つの論文が掲載されました

2021年3月1日(月)-4日(木)WEB開催された The 8th Asian Conference on Crystal Growth and Crystal Technology(CGCT-8)で行った発表のプロシーディングが、この度 Journal of Crystal Growthに掲載されました。

Growth of bulk single crystal ScAlMgO4 boules and GaN films on ScAlMgO4 substrates for GaN-based optical devices, high-power and high-frequency transistors

Characterization and performance of large-sized Fe–Ga alloy single crystals grown using the Czochralski method

Crystal growth of ultra-large MgF2 and LiCaAlF6 single crystals by a double-crucible Czochralski technique

X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray topography of high-quality ScAlMgO4 substrates

Nanosecond alpha-ray response and gamma-ray radiation resistance of a hydrothermal-grown bulk ZnO single crystal

Growth of nickel single crystals with a diameter of 8 in. using the Czochralski method